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Islam Boussaada was born in Tunisia, in 1979. In 2003, he received his M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from University Tunis II, and an M.Sc. degree in Pure Mathematics from University Paris 7 in 2004. In December 2008, he received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from University of Rouen Normandy. In June 2016, he received his HDR degree (French Habilitation) in Physics from University Paris Saclay-University Paris Sud.
In 2010, I. Boussaada served for two years as a post-doc fellow in the control of time-delay systems at L2S, Supélec-CNRS-University Paris Sud. Since 2012, he has been serving as an associate professor at IPSA and as an associate researcher at the MODESTY Team of L2S. Since 2016, IB has been serving as an associate researcher at DISCO Team
(Dynamical Interconnected Systems in COmplex Environments) of Inria Saclay. Since September 2017, IB is serving as a head of the Aeronautical and Aerospace Systems department at IPSA.
His research interest belongs to the qualitative theory of dynamical systems and its application in control problems. It includes, stability analysis and stabilization of linear and nonlinear dynamical systems, analysis of parametric systems, analysis of delay induced dynamics, nonhyperbolic dynamics, analysis of algebraic differential systems, control of active vibrations, dynamics of biochemical networks. He is the co-author of a monograph published in Springer series as well as more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. He co-organized the
4th GDRI DelSys’s Workshop on Observing and Controlling Complex Dynamical Systems (25-27 November 2015), as well as the 1st GDRI Spa-Disco’s workshop on Delays and Constraints in Distributed Parameters Systems (22-24 November 2017) both funded by CNRS. At the occasion of the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control  (IFAC) (Toulouse, 9-14 July 2017), IB co-organized an invited session  «Frequency domain Techniques for Time-delay Systems». At the occasion of the 14th IFAC Workshop on Time-delay Systems (Budapest 2018), IB co-organize thematic sessions on  Spectral Methods for Rightmost Roots Characterization in LTI Time-delay Systems.



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